“Bazerk Drops A New And Entertaining Video For The Single "Preacher MAn

Like a blend of hard rock metal and raw hiphop, this group of musicians goes Bazerk. And the latest single "Preacher MAn" is

everything entertainment is made of. From taking the camera right to the heart of what they call home, to a live band playing on the

front lawn while an emcee drops knowledge filled substance lyrics hyped to the max on the porch....the "Preacher MAn" video had

me doing everything from laughing to thinking deeply. And that's real music. An emotion filled roller coaster of energy that has you

turned up while quietly sitting still and focusing on the music and performance. "Bazerk" continues to make music with creative

content that differs in both sound and style of what's considered "popular" these days. You can have the popular..I'll take the talented

any day. And Bazerk will definitely be in that playlist. But already passing 100k in's easy to see this incredible musicians have

built their own popularity. And that's what being independent is all about! WuTang Wu-World”

Wu- Management - Wu- World

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