Hard hitting unapologetic, in your face, High Energy Rock, encompassing Rock, Funk, Hip-hop and Metal. BAZERK brings an explosive stage presence straight out of South Central LA!  

2005, front-man Zu is inspired by the artist, Prince, who encourages him to be out of bounds and expansive with his Hip Hop style.  Heeding this advice, Zu injects Metal and Rock into his sound, and thus the unique sound of BAZERK came into being.


Bazerk has toured with such names as Prince, George Clinton, Ludacris, KRS One, 311, Wu-Tang, Fishbone, The Black-Eyed Peas, and One Size 0.  Performing on the stages of venues such as House of Blues, Queen Mary, the Roxy Theater, Boardner’s, and more.


When not on stage, Bazerk spend their time recording new tracks and  videos, and thinking of even crazier ways to make the fans go wild.  

Having collaborated with artists such as Funk Master, George Clinton who stated that BAZERK was “A great original band" and long-time friend, Angelo Moore from Fishbone and Dr. Mad Vibe.  


-Winning seventeen Battles of the Bands, has earned them a standing reputation and a solid fan base. 

-Single “Hello America” used in 2012 movie, “DONNER’S PASS”  Part of upcoming reality show on indie bands in LA

 - Songs placed in:  MTV Pranked, MTV Top 10, Animal Planet, PS3

 - Alcoholics Anonymous commercial

 - Appearance on Flee TV

 -Appearance on Pigz Radio 

 - Appearance on Bet TV Next to Rise


"the "Preacher MAn" video had me doing everything from laughing to thinking deeply. And that's real music. An emotion filled roller coaster of energy that has you turned up while quietly sitting still and focusing on the music and performance. "Bazerk" continues to make music with creative content that differs in both sound and style" - Wu- Management - Wu- World

"This band blew my mind right out my ears. Now in my deafened state I'm telling you about the lyrical sass, rhyming sassafrass, breaking down barriers like glass, kick you in the teeth sound of Bazerk. Great stuff check em out and give them some support." - David Demarest - Music From The Underground

“If Rap and Rage Against the Machine had a love child... this band might be it! ! Get ready for Bazerk because, in their own words, “Our music has balls on it”

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